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I know this is not a new request but I am surprised that garmin consider automatic sleep monitoring more important than a decent automatic weight input (directly from Fitbit or Withings or via any of the multiple apps out there myfitnesspal mapmyfitness etc). For example, I weighed in this morning at 155.3 on my Withings (weight successfully synced to the Garmin detailed graph) and my Last Weight on the summary widget reads 155.5; which it has for the past month or so. I have Withings sync'd to MFP and MFP to GC and despite 3 weigh-ins (all losses) the weight at the beginning of the week remains in GC. Daily Health Fitness Tip ( | Daily Health And Fitness Tips ( | Health And Fitness ( feedback to this problem, 2 days ago it started syncing through myfitnesspal.

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View the Vitality points tables under Earn Vitality points below. If, for any reason, there is a conflict between rules in this benefit guide and the Vitality rules – the Vitality rules will apply at all times.The former solution means each user’s information will be viewable by all users, whereas the latter solution keeps each user’s private.You’ll need to use the scale five times before it will present you with your first pulse wave velocity reading.If you have any problems uploading your workout data, please visit the Withings website for more information.Please note: Your Withings device will store your workout data for a limited number of days, so upload your workout data to Vitality regularly.

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