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“When you’re sort of power hungry and have nothing to lose, it’s always going to be unpredictable,” Hurst told The Wrap. He’s making a power play to be the next Bren’in and at the same time he’s cleaning up old business with Asa.So nobody is safe.” That goes double for Asa (Joe Anderson), who Big Foster sees as a threat to his chances of succeeding his mother as the leader of the Farrell clan.There are few things ballet nerds love more than discovering that two of their favorite dancers are a real-life couple. Osipova made waves when she left Russia's famous Bolshoi Ballet back in 2011; Polunin was dubbed the "bad boy of ballet" when he abruptly quit the Royal Ballet the following year. And they'll be dancing a fascinating contemporary program together at London's Sadler's Wells next year. Osipova and Polunin in (via @sergeipolunin_) Osipova (currently a principal with the Royal Ballet and a guest star with American Ballet Theatre) and Polunin (whom you know from that amazing Hozier video) are dance-world rebels.Just think how overwhelmingly talented their children were going to be: Broadway Superbabies! Now, it's possible that the reasoning behind the divorce may just be rumor; and hey, I'm all for unexpected couples, so I guess I can kind of get behind the Sutton Foster/Bobby Cannavale pairing.

“But a lot of the things that happen between Hasil and Sally-Ann are really beautiful because they’re in love with each other.” Finally, Hurst teased that this week’s episode will feature some serious ATV stunts, most of which were done by the actors on set.Butz and Federer were discussing “showbiz romances,” of which theirs is one (they met when they were members of the original company of ). Sutton Foster has been a Broadway baby for years; after achieving great acclaim as the title character in .And then Natalie, sitting beside me, mentioned something about Sutton Foster and Bobby Cannavale being the current big showbiz couple. The two married a few years ago, and it's one of those matches that made me go “Awwwww!They're both sparkplugs—and sparks were flying between them when they danced in Milan earlier this year.Never one to shy from controversy, Polunin has complained that it's been difficult for the two of them to perform classical works together since they became a couple, suggesting that ballet directors have been trying to keep them apart.

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