Who is spencer from icarly dating

Canadian bacon Carly Shay (his little sister) Celebrities Underwater Coconut Cream Pie Colonel Shay Freddie Benson Full House Gibby Gibson Harry Joyner Jacuzzis Jenna Hamilton Marissa Benson Marty Caruthers Nug Nug (from Galaxy Wars) Pini's Lasagna Sam Puckett Sham-Pow! Since their father is in the military, Spencer is Carly's legal guardian. He once said himself, "I may be an idiot, but I'm not stupid".

Socko (his best friend) Tom Higgenson Sculpting/art Pranks (formerly) Spencer Shay (born November 11) is Carly Shay's older brother, and the first child of Mr. He's immature in some episodes but had a strict and mature side in i Look Alike and i Date a Bad Boy, where he grounded Carly twice.

Some of his other television credits include Law & Order, Angel, and Malcolm in the Middle. He starred in i Carly as Spencer Shay, the older brother and guardian of Miranda Cosgrove's title character from 2007 to 2012. He played Quincy Johnson, a video game enthusiast whose main competition in a video gaming contest is Mc Curdy's character.

He completed the 2008 music-themed comedy Wreckless Epic, in which he stars. In 2013, Trainor starred in the short-lived show Wendell & Vinnie as Vinnie, the uncle and guardian to Buddy Handleson's character Wendell.

The series was created by Dan Schneider, who also serves as executive producer.

He has kept Carly's asthma inhaler even though she hasn't used it since she was seven (i Wanna Stay with Spencer).

Briggs, or now that I'm older, may I call you Margaret?

We all failed miserably trying to get you guys more viewers for i Carly and yet it is precisely those miserable failures that are getting you guys more viewers for i Carly?

[a skiddish little Sunshine Girl selling fudge balls has run away from Spencer, despite the presence of her mother] Spencer Shay: I could help her sell them. Spencer Shay: [Spencer rides up to the 2 girls who sabotaged his previous attempts to help Emily sell fudge balls] Hi, I just wanted you girls to know that ' I won the bike.' And because I am a grown-up; I forgive you, for behaving so rudely to me. [Rides away, then comes back a moment later to taunt the girls in a childish manner] Spencer Shay: On the other hand, check out how cool this bike is!

[Spencer notices the girl's very attractive mother] Spencer Shay: And hello there. Sam Puckett: Your belly button started talking to you?

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