Who is john edwards dating now

Believe it or not, Nick Young isn't the only celebrity out there whose affair(s) came to light after the mistress got pregnant.

Looking at you Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mathew Knowles, John Edwards, etc. Related: Amber Rose Sends Iggy Azalea Love After Her Split From Cheater Nick!

She described “Johnny’s” wife as a “witch on wheels,” “crazy” and “venomous.” The cringe-worthy details in her memoir — which had been rejected by major book publishers — comes just two weeks after Edwards was acquitted of charges that he subverted campaign finance laws to hide the affair.

" CLICK HERE to view "Celebrities Who Got Their Mistresses Pregnant! if he doesn't stop throwing back his stiff drinks, he could be dead in the next six months.

" CLICK HERE to view "Celebrities Who Got Their Mistresses Pregnant! There's going to be a new baby in John Edwards' life- but this time he is DEFINITELY not the father! John's daughter Cate is having a baby with her husband Trevor Upham!

But it's not the happiest of days for the former presidential candidate. John Edwards & Rielle Hunter have NOT lost their spark! Apparently the scandalous couple can't be satisfied with a whisper, and have to get their boink on as LOUD as possible!! Here's what the source said: , only sold somewhere around 6,000 copies.

After facing criticism during every major media appearance for bashing John Edwards' deceased wife in the memoir, the infamous mistress wants to turn her reputation around.

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