Wachovia not liquidating funds

I logged in to my account and discovered that an interest charge was deducted on our USD account.The interest charge was puzzling because I never trade on margin or short stocks.

Like many women of her generation, Suever’s mother was a financial novice, and kept the check uncashed until her husband’s death in December 2001.

I thought it was no big deal; mistakes happen and it has happened once before at my previous big bank broker and it took a mere phone call to have the charge reversed. I’ve been contacting them for four straight days asking for an explanation and reversing the interest charge but it’s always one excuse after another.

The first day the agent said it is taking time to check my account and he would resolve the matter by the end of the day.

Few months back, I moved our investment accounts to Questrade, attracted primarily by their ultra-low commissions and good word-of-mouth recommendations.

Everything went smoothly for a while – my account was transferred out without a hitch and trades were executed perfectly – until last week.

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