Video dating tips body language

The first DVD and a half is all David De Angelo, and it is very solid content – he basically gives you (in about 2 hours or so) a concentrate of research on body language, much of it coming from academic books on evolutionary psychology.

The rest of the program is handled by guest speakers, and unfortunately not all them shine (more on this later). Male or female, we all have this non-verbal, built-in system for communicating.

Modern dating is one big (quoting Led Zeppelin here) communication breakdown.

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Much of Strauss’ strategy entailed nonverbally conveying self-confidence.You can and should use your body language to amplify attraction and communicate high-status.You want to trigger that unconscious attraction response.You do NOT want to leak insecurities or have low-status body language, as this kills attraction.So, in order to improve, you need to “be conscious of your body language until it becomes unconscious.” In other words, you need to watch yourself and practice good behaviors until you do it naturally.

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