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In the TV series this has resulted in the invaders being called the “Asian Coalition” to try to avoid any specificity, but that might even be too specific for some people. one thing I thought about, is that my little sister who’s 13, has a lot of guy friends who love talking about North Korea.I went: “I think there will be kids who think we’re talking about North Korea”.

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I don’t think we’re ever setting out to label anything or attack anyone, I think it’s just part of the way the story is being told.Unless you've been sleeping in a coffin for the last few months—and if you have, lucky you!—you'll know that the hottest genre around is the bloodletter, with vampire-based movies, fan clubs, and, of course, the ever-popular vampire-based paranormal romance literature all competing for our attention."I unfortunately didn't get to work with Christa," Stowe tells us. Get ready to meet Delvin, a new recurring character who is quite cynical and sarcastic.But when asked if we could possibly be seeing any other returns before season's end, Stowe teases, "There will be surprises, for sure."Joey: Why do we have to wait until October for new ?! He's not angry, he just thinks people can be pretty dumb.

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    Soon fame would turn sour and their lives end in a bloody police ambush, but their dramatic and untimely end would only add luster to their legend.