Updating xml using jdom french dating phrases

Edit 2011/8/14: seeing that at least a few people have consulted this answer in the last couple years, I decided to completely rewrite the original code, which had numerous issues, including horribly mishandling UTF-16. You've probably already read it, but here is an article on xml encoding and decoding.

If you only knew how half-baked some of the financial world's implementations of common specs are (ranging from CRC implementations to things as trivial as XML - I'm speaking from my first hand experience only), you might decide to keep your money in a mattress at home.If you are considering creating Excel spreadsheets on the server, then start by downloading and running the code samples.These provide a tutorial on how to use the Excel Package assembly to dynamically create Excel spreadsheets on the server.when it encounters illegal characters (unless you disable that check in which case it ignores them). I havent ran into any issues with it yet, but that's not to say I won't in the future.An overview of library functions is available here. As the name implies, it was made for HTML, not XML.

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