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Now, when the ./go script begins asking questions about your ADSL/PPPo E connection info (username, password, etc.) I hit Ctrl-C to abort the script as I dont have to deal with PPPo E hell (Thankfully! To facilitate this process, which is very, very, very tedious (trust me, I did it manually sever dozen times), I opted to create a directory structure on my development box that matched the target directories on the Smooth Wall, and write a bash script that copies the new binaries into the mod directory tree.directory and its sub directories as well, which results in a directory structure that looks exactly like what you get on the smoothwall after extracting the precompiled super-kernel mod.at least then, the two source files were available for transfer... you end up with two files on the Smoothie this time, but, they are the same freaking file! Then once you transfer them to the Smoothie, rename the file back to its proper name.... but it works...) 2.) tar zip the source files, transfer the tarball to the winblowz machine, then transfer the tarball to the Smoothie via Win SCP.You can untar the archive on the smoothie, and move the files to the right place if need be...You must click on the maintenance tab, and then updates, then click on the update listed, download it locally, and then use the management interface to browse to the update file, and upload it to the Smoothwall server.If it sounds difficult don't worry - trust me, it's easy.

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