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Seluruh aplikasi ini diketahui dari i Pad tersangka AR,41, yang ditangkap di kawasan Puncak, Bogor bersama delapan korban, di mana tujuh di antaranya adalah anak di bawah umur.“Jadi kami temukan ada sekitar 17 macam, apalikasi itu pertama kali kami temukan di i Pda AR,“ kata Direktur Dittipideksus Brigjen Agung Setya di Mabes Polri, Kamis 8 September."Kalau Bareskrim sudah keluarkan permintaan, ya kita tindak lanjuti," kata Rudi di Kompleks Istana Kepresidenan, Jakarta, Jumat (9/9/2016).

Aplikasi itu dinilai telah meresahkan dan berdampak buruk pada masyarakat.

For those confronted by such simplistic arguments, here are a three counterarguments that perhaps might get these people thinking about what they’re actually giving up. Every American Is Probably a Criminal, Really That Americans think they have nothing to hide in the first place is a sign of how little attention they're paying to the behavior of our Department of Justice.

Many Americans have run afoul of federal laws without even knowing it.

Former Tribune employee Matthew Keys is facing federal charges and possibly prison time because he gave his old password to a member of Anonymous, who changed a headline at the website for the . Given the digital focus of the PRISM program, everybody should be concerned about what could potentially happen should that data end up in the hands of federal prosecutors.

is an easy-to-use permitting portal that makes it possible to get permits and approvals from Bellevue and 13 other jurisdictions. This website is one-stop government service at its best and has won several state and national awards.

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