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He was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving on the M11 in Hertfordshire on .He fell asleep at the wheel of the lorry he was driving and (travelling at 55mph) crashed into sta...common stock to be employed and bestowed in trade of clothing, either in making of coloured cloathes, or whites, as the time shall require; and also in working of Wooll, Hemp, Flax, Iron, grinding of Brasill woods and other stuffes for Dying, or otherwise, as...shall seeme convenient for the employment of poore people, and for the preservation and encrease of the said common stocke.The mayor and burgesses were to purchase: a faire plot of ground within the said towne...

A good example of this is pickles, which, because it is preserved in vinegar, is safe to consume long after the date on the jar,' Joanna said.'The same rule applies to sugary foods such as honey or jam.

Indeed, it can even be positively counter-productive, by spreading that bacteria to the kitchen sink, surfaces and cloths.'Pasteurised milk will keep 50 per cent longer if you store it at a lower temperature.

Try storing at the back of the fridge rather than the fridge door.

Go to and search for your nearest volunteer bureau.

The web site enables you to search by post code for any particular interest you have in the voluntary sector.

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