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‘Hmmmm’, they would confide, ‘when I was younger I used to sleep with my friend’s boyfriends.

But if a man responded (using his credit card as instructed), they started to sound distinctly bottish.

Profiles were cobbled together by employees, and then animated by an army of bots which bombarded male subscribers with messages. David Levy, who has twice won the Loebner Prize (a competition based on the Turing test for machine intelligence, in which a computer has to convince human judges it is also human) is the author of a book called , and president of Erotic Chatbots Ltd, a company whose name is self-explanatory.

You can set the program to let them only use the Internet at certain times, and on certain days.

Content Barrier blocks adult websites, sites with subjects not fit for children, and blocks chats when predatory language is used.

It also blocks certain protocols, or types of Internet communication, that you may not want your children to use, such as peer-to-peer and other file sharing protocols, online games, streaming audio and video, FTP, SSH and more.

Content Barrier works with multiple users, and interfaces seamlessly with the Mac OS X user accounts on your computer.

If you have several children, you can set different limitations corresponding to their age or maturity.

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