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The hope is the little section of this website will be their lottery ticket to getting back what they’d lost.To the casual reader, many of those moments captured by their love-lost writers are better than all of the others. I write dating profiles all the time, and it seems men with stink breath fly under the radar way too often.A child of divorce with an already fragile sense of trust, Lauer unravels at the betrayal, begins divorce proceedings, and moves back to Brooklyn where he spends too much time alone, fixated on the idea that a murderer from 1898 might be haunting his apartment.Eventually, as he starts to peruse online dating profiles, he becomes obsessed with “missed connections” precisely because they provide what online dating doesn’t: a story.He begins writing phony missed connections to post on Craigslist and, though he feels a stab of guilt when he posts them, he is hopelessly intrigued by the responses he receives.Real documents illuminate Brett’s dating adventures, from love (and hate) letters and instant message conversations to Brett’s online dating profile and wedding announcement.

this isn’t just about giving you more information: "The whole point is starting these relationships out in the real world." She explained that if you’re living in a certain area, frequenting a specific cafe or music venue, you’re likely to have something to talk about with others who are doing the same thing.You’re not just seeing who goes to the same Starbucks as you, you’re seeing people who are compatible with you on many levels.Match profiles are also far more detailed than, say, Tinder’s are.BRETT FLETCHER LAUER is the deputy director of the Poetry Society of America and the poetry editor of A Public Space.His debut collection of poems, A Hotel in Belgium, was name a Top 40 Book of 2014 by Coldfront Magainze.

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