Memory updating in animals

Since conditioned orienting is mediated by the amygdala central nucleus (Ce A), our final experiment examined the Ce A’s role in the retrieval-extinction process.

Bilateral Ce A lesions interfered with the retrieval-extinction paradigm—did not prevent spontaneous recovery of food-cup approach.

Understanding the dynamics of memory change is one of the current challenges facing cognitive neuroscience.

Recent animal work on memory reconsolidation shows that memories can be altered long after acquisition.

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The path integration process computes the location of an origin relative to the navigator’s current position and orientation.

When an animal moves from one place to another and turns from one direction to another, the spatial relationship between the animal and its environment changes constantly. Time-courses of memory decay in vector-based and landmark-based systems of navigation in desert ants, Cataglyphis fortis.

Spatial updating refers to the cognitive process that computes the spatial relationship between an animal and its surrounding environment as it moves based on perceptual information about its own movements. Journal of Comparative Physiology A-Sensory Neural & Behavioral Physiology, 181, 13-20.

The current studies investigate how differences in cue processing might manifest in appetitive memory retrieval and updating using a paradigm developed to persistently attenuate fear responses (Retrieval-extinction paradigm; Monfils et al., 2009).

First, we examined whether the retrieval-extinction paradigm could attenuate appetitive responses in Orienters and Nonorienters.

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