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Once a family that was united and then becomes divided after marital issues.The show will have day to day events on it, showing what the family is up to.Hogan Knows Best is an show about World Wresting Fedration superstar Hulk Hogan and his family, his wife, Linda, His very pretty daughter, Brookie, and his son, Nick.This show is a very entertaining show, and Hulkamanics get to see the Hulkter and what he and his family are like at home.Hulk Hogan's ex-wife is trying to mend her relationship with her daughter and son after dating and becoming engaged to a much younger man.The show is for family and all ages to get a peek into their life.Each week Ashton and his crew of pranksters play a joke on celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Frankie Muniz. I see what a great father he what a great family he has. I really want to have all 3 seasons on I cant wait for that.

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After the cancellation of Hogan Knows Best in 2007, a spin-off entitled Brooke Knows Best debuted in 2008, and ran for two seasons.In Finland with Finnish subtitles on Sub and MTV Finland (the show is called Hurjat Hoganit, Furious Hogans).The show was originally pitched and offered to Hulk Hogan prior to his famous Wrestle Mania X8 "Icon vs. It chronicled Hogan's return to the World Wrestling Entertainment after the demise of the World Championship Wrestling and surgery on both of his knees. However, after later noticing the success of pop stars such as Hilary Duff and Britney Spears, Hogan accepted a deal to do the show as a way to help promote daughter Brooke's singing career.Hogan Knows Best is an American reality documentary television series on VH1.The series debuted on July 10, 2005 and centered on the family life of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.

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