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Edited by yours truly, and featured in Rolling Stone Brazil! Foi uma grande honra ter Projeto Quabales participar na minha música “Papo Furado,” e maior ainda a honra de ter ido pra Salvador, Bahia gravar o video clip com esses jovens talentos.Agora eu tenho a alegria de compartilhar o clip com vocês que foi lançado ontem pela revista Rolling Stone Brasil!

The biggest act of assertion was simply going to craigshookup and getting things started.

I felt like just being on craigshookup was almost a bad thing but I think that it's kind of weird but not that bad.

So for everyone that is thinking about joining craigshookup .com, I saw go for it. It's been quite a journey but I would not change a thing.

NATO is engaged in a multilateral training exercise "Saber Strike," the first time Poland has hosted such war games, involving the militaries of Canada, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and the United States.

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