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-Allergic of apples -Doesn’t like chocolate -Uses 30 min to get ready in the mornings -Was only 5 years old when he took part in a movie. Music Nena, The Rasmus, Green Day, Coldplay, Keane, David Bowie, Gwen Stefani, Pink… -Has the voice of “Arthur” in the animation movie “Arthur and the Minimoys” which came out 25.january 2007. -Doesnt sees any impossibility falling in love with a fan, because then she could understand him better, and that he has to spend a lot of time with the band. Fan or not: Hmmm, I don’t know, the most important thing is that she loves me,and not my money 🙂 Other facts: Birth Name Bill Kaulitz-Trümper Height 6′ 2″ (1.88 m) Bilingual: German, English and French. His good friend is Andreas, who is also the president of Tokio Hotel’s fan club. If you're new here, you may want to Subscribe to our Tokio Hotel Headliner, and get daily FREE updates on: Tokio Hotel News, Tokio Hotel Gossip, Tokio Hotel Goodies Tokio Hotel Videos, Tokio Hotel Pictures, Tokio Hotel Merchandise And much more Daily Tokio Hotel stuff! -Born 10 minutes after his twin brother, Tom -Has a dog called “Scotty”, and a cute cat called “Kasimir” -Was only 7 years old when he started writing his own songs. ) -Has been single since 2, 1/2 years now, and hasnt kissed any girls since that. Had to undergo surgery to remove the cyst in one of his vocal chords. One of his favorite television programs is Prison Break. -Allergic of mosquito/wasps -Has divorced parents -Says that he doesnt smoke, even though he has been caught while smoking with his friends on a resturant. -He hates sports -Says that he’s a very sensitive person (emo? Piercing and tattoo He has piercing in the left eyebrow and tongue and from tattoos he has logo of Tokio Hotel on the neck and star on his belly.

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Tom Trümper is the bored owner of a multi-million dollar record company, always on the look-out for ‘the next big thing’.

Obwohl die beiden sich eingehakt hatten und strahlten, kann es sich genauso gut um eine rein freundschaftliche Verabredung gehandelt haben.

Was die beiden nun verbindet, bleibt ihr Geheimnis.

Bill about his dream girl 🙂 Height: 10 cm lower than me, I don’t like the girls who’s higher than me. Style: Whatever,doesn’t really matter, but she has to have the style which suits her really much, and I think it should be manifoldly. Most important for her: true love Boobs: Doesn’t really matter. His parents divorced when he and his brother were 7 years old. Black color Between his favorite colors belongs orange and red.

Arms: soft as the babies 🙂 Body: Not too skinny, and not too heavy. His step-father owns a music school called, “Rock’s cool”.

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