Are daphne and wilke dating

But you could do one, when they're older, where Daphne finds out she's pregnant with their first kid. If you want a drama-filled chap you could have daphne breaking up with Wilke after thinking that relationships dont last. How about Daphne having dinner at Wilke's at meeting his family for the first time.Things instead of breaking up with time in live and its going to emergency.

Other immensely wanted make sure i was the type to talk.

"She stayed silent, but couldn't look him in the eye, fearing he'd see the tears in her eyes. After a few mute pauses, she finally spoke."it doesn't matter what I believe, or what I want to believe…"It's not what you think Daphne. Okay yes, we kissed, but I didn't mean for it to happen. One moment I'm here looking for Toby, and I find her instead. You knew what I was going through when we got together-whatever this is!

We got to talking, and then out of nowhere she attacks me, at right at the moment that I push her off, I see you""Wilke, that's a load of cra-""God Daphne! ""I may not be able to hear you, but I can tell when you're yelling at me! " She was so angered and filled with sadness that she expected tears to fall any moment.

Through a school experiment, she discovers that her blood type is different from her family's.

After taking a DNA test, the Kennishes learn that she was in fact switched at birth with Daphne Vasquez, an athletic Deaf teen living with her single mother Regina and grandmother Adrianna on the other side of town.

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