The PCC (Parochial Church Council) is the elected body of lay church members who meet six times a year in the capacity of Trustees.

The Standing Committee meets separately an additional ten times a year.

(died 577) was a bishop of Gloucester, venerated as a saint with the feast day of February 4.

Aldate's life is not detailed historically, but he was probably a Briton killed by the Anglo-Saxons at Deorham.

St Aldate's House is one of the graduate buildings owned by The Queen's College, Oxford.


were filed by the court with jurisdiction over this parish.

Elections for new PCC members take place at the APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting) each April, which all persons on the St Aldates Electoral Roll are invited to attend.

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St Aldate's House is located on the corner of St Aldate's Street and Speedwell Street, near the St Adate's Police Station and conveniently just above Tesco Express!

It is only 5 minutes away from the city centre and one minute from the entrance gate of Christ Church Meadow on foot. St Aldate’s House 2 Speedwell Street Oxford OX1 1UH Alternatively, you can use the Queen's College address as your mail address.

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